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2nd Feb 2020

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For Sama gains the recognition it deserves

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The Amanacard team celebrates the success of ‘For Sama’ recently awarded the 2020 BAFTA best documentary award. 



Our colleague, Dr Zahed ‘Hamza’ Katurji is the Doctor depicted in ‘For Sama’ working under shocking conditions in Aleppo, where the community and hospitals were regularly targeted with airstrikes. 


We recognise the resilience and passion of Dr Hamza’s wife, filmmaker Waad Al-Kateab, who was both extremely brave and determined to reveal the horror of Syria’s civil war.


Dr Hamza’s work with our Amanacard team draws on his heroic service as a field doctor in Aleppo by helping high need and at-risk communities to build greater financial security in highly stressful conditions.

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Between red carpet engagements and award ceremonies, Dr Hamza continues, in collaboration with charities, to provide unique support via Amanacard to around 100 hospitals and health facilities under constant threat of attack. 



In Dr Hamza’s words: “I used to put all my effort into one hospital. Now, through my work with Amanacard, I have the opportunity to support over 100 health facilities, as well as thousands of displaced families. I realised it’s not necessary to be on the frontline to help; I could keep the lifeline open to Syrians from wherever I am.”



The documentary is also nominated for this year’s Academy Award – our best wishes to the ‘For Sama’ team this weekend and we look forward to welcoming Dr Hamza back to our office soon. Perhaps with an Oscar!

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