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9th Jul 2023

2 mins

Sad passing of our angel

Last week the founders of Amanacard attended the funeral of Huub Spierings, a much-loved family friend, philanthropist and our first angel investor.

Spierings backed Amanacard because he believed in our vision for cutting waste and risk out of the international aid supply chain. He was as thrilled as we were when we recorded the first transactions to 2,000 hospital workers under fire back in 2018. 


Spierings demonstrated the power of taking creative, calculated risks in collaboration with others. He was a brilliant business leader of passion and integrity, who had a lasting impact on the people and business of the world’s biggest agricultural trading company since the 1970s.


He has been a constant source of encouragement as Amanacard successfully navigated its challenging start-up phase and now scales the business globally. The thousands of families and individuals who have gained confidence and trust in our service owe much to this unassuming man of unbounded generosity, especially for the most vulnerable. 


We will all miss him greatly.

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