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11th Oct 2023

2 mins


We're excited to announce the launch of, a revolutionary platform that consolidates public and private funding channels. This initiative paves the way for a dynamic new payment ecosystem, simplifying transactions for our members worldwide.

Since our inception, Amanacard has navigated the complexities of cross-border payments, managing intricate banking relationships across 90 sending, correspondent, and regional banks to support our international clients.

In response to regulatory enhancements and expansion in our geographic reach, we now offer more flexible payment options. Amanacard members can conveniently make payments using debit/credit cards and bank transfers through our dedicated banking partners.

To further support this expansion, Amanacard Global has been established in Dubai. This new entity acts as the operational coordination hub, strategically positioned close to key markets and regional banks. Amanacard Global manages Amananet contracts with Accredited Merchants, ensuring efficient service and robust support for our growing network.

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