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We made it to Afghanistan!

Before the US withdrew from #afghanistan in August 2021, <10% of 40 million people had a #bank account. Those who were banked now struggle to access their money. #amanacard reached 24 of 32 provinces with one month's lead-time, including the facilitation of salaries to >2,000 #teachers across hundreds of #schools operating in the country's remotest parts. Our team has now reached every province and we couldn't be prouder!

Our founder is especially thrilled to be able to add practical value to a very tough situation, after receiving such generous hospitality from the Afghan people almost 20 years ago during her PhD field research.

About Amanacard in Afghanistan_Dari & Pashto
Download PDF • 1.90MB
About Amanacard in Afghanistan_English
Download PDF • 1.75MB


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