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Start-up to Scale-up

Amanacard members will soon be able to leverage a single portal and platform for both public and private funding channels to fuel a new payment ecosystem for the unbanked.

To build trust and critical mass, the Amanacard service was launched in 2016 as an independent software and financial monitoring service for the aid sector to facilitate end-to-end flows of actual money and goods originating from global banks.​ Due to diverse banking relationships and complexities of cross-border flows, we have had to assist INGOs with 90 sending, correspondent and regional banks.

Due to exciting changes in our regulatory supervision and geographic footprint, we will begin to allow senders to make donations by debit/credit card and bank transfers with our dedicated banking partners.

As part of the new service, ​Amanacard Global LLC FZ was established in Dubai to provide the operational coordination hub close to markets and regional banks. The company manages Amananet contracts with Accredited Merchants​.


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